to use frequently
To store with electricity
Pay attention to the storage environment
Do not hit or disassemble the power bank....

Do you know all this knowledge about mobile power?
Although the wide application of mobile phone battery life enhancement and fast charging has reduced our demand for mobile power to a certain extent, it is not a substitute.
In our daily work and life, mobile power is still a necessary digital accessory product.
When we buy a mobile power supply, the brand, capacity, whether it supports fast charging, appearance, and cost-effectiveness are all important references for our purchase.
At the same time, the power bank is a special item, which will inevitably pollute the environment if discarded at will. At present, there are few professional recycling institutions in China (according to investigation, various brands of power bank manufacturers have not issued corresponding recycling policies at present), it is difficult to do to the real pollution-free treatment.
Most power banks are processed by "professional" companies, and the cells in them are recycled again.

So where are the recycled cells (batteries) used?
Purchased by a professional power bank manufacturer? Or for other purposes?
This is something our consumers don't know about.
(Of course it may be that I don’t know, but I sincerely hope that both the brand and the environmental protection organization can have clear guidelines to tell us how to identify whether the power bank needs to be scrapped? Where should the scrapped power bank go...)