2022 Power Bank selection strategy and Power Bank recommendation

2022  Power Bank selection strategy and Power Bank recommendation - FASTSINYO
Many friends will encounter the following problems when choosing a power bank, or a mobile power supply:
  • Want to buy an easy-to-use power bank, but don't know how to choose a power bank?
  • There are many power bank brands to choose from, but which one is better?
  • How much mAh is appropriate to buy a power bank?
  • Which power bank do students recommend?

I believe that reading this article will solve 90% of your questions about power bank selection and power bank recommendation.

In order to make it easier to understand, I will use the most common and simple words below to share the complex parameters, selection indicators and skills of the power bank with you, so that you can choose the power bank that suits you in the easiest way.

This article basically covers the most popular power banks

For example: power bank, magnetic power bank, high-capacity power bank, wireless power bank, relatively portable power bank, and we rarely use laptop power bank, we hope to help you quickly choose the power bank that suits you.

01. Why do we choose a power bank? What are the applicable scenarios for the power bank?

In fact, the power bank is not unfamiliar to us. When we first started, the battery could be disassembled, so the charging method used to be universal. However, for a better experience, the battery of the mobile phone is not disassembled now, and the appearance of the power bank comes with it.

The power bank not only solves our short-distance travel and the anxiety of using electricity for mobile phones, but also serves as a bridge for us to maintain smooth communication at all times.

What exactly is the power bank used for?

  1. 1. Travel
  2. 2. Play games outdoors with friends
  3. 3. When the phone is fully charged, there is a sufficient sense of security

02. What is the working principle of the power bank?

Working principle diagram of power bank supply

Discharge process: The discharge process is simple to understand, which is to charge your mobile phone, mainly by boosting the 2.7v-4.2V voltage to 5V and then charging your mobile phone or tablet according to compatibility or adaptation.
Charging process: that is, through your charging head/charger, through the charging circuit to store the power in the power bank.

Therefore, when choosing a power bank, the first important reference index is: battery cells. The material selected for a battery cell is different, which determines a more important factor for the quality of the power bank. (Details will be explained later.)

At the same time, no matter what kind of charging method you use, during the charging process, energy consumption will be generated due to the collision and friction of molecules, original materials or other particles, which we commonly call resistance. So when you choose a power bank, there will be another core reference indicator: rated power.

Note: Rated power < battery capacity (here and battery material, each brand's design and production process is different, there will be slight differences)

03. How do we choose a power bank that suits us?

In order to let friends know how to choose the power bank more intuitively and clearly, organize a mind map about the selection strategy of the power bank: You can save it for later viewing:
Power Bank Selection Purchase Strategy

There are four steps to choose a power bank that suits you: (Scenarios and usage habits are not considered here)

  • Batteries
  • capacity
  • Fast Charge Protocol
  • Interface Type
  • Can you take it on the plane


At present, the mainstream power bank cells on the market: 18650 cells and lithium polymer cells, each of which has its own advantages.



Generally speaking, the capacity is commonly known as 10,000 mAh, 20,000 mAh, and 30,000 mAh. How much mAh to choose depends on the battery capacity of the mobile phone you use and your usage habits.

Fast charging protocol:

In the past, there was no fast charging protocol for the power bank. When it could only be charged slowly, it would take a long time to charge it once. Now the emergence of the fast charging protocol can basically solve this problem.
However, because each brand has its own private agreement, when choosing a power bank, you must pay attention to whether it is compatible with your own mobile phone fast charging protocol.

Interface type:

The common interface types are definitely the Type-c interface and the Lightening interface. However, some digital products such as iphone tablets already use the Type-C interface. For Apple users, Lightening is still the mainstream interface.

Whether it can be brought on the plane:

How to judge whether the power bank you bought can be brought on the plane? Here is a formula, you can calculate it yourself:

Reference formula: rated energy <100wh (can be brought on the plane)

100wh < rated energy < 160wh (requires application before it can be put in the suitcase and brought on the plane)

Rated energy value>160wh (cannot be brought on the plane)

Important: Please follow the local policy whether you can carry it.

 04. What are the classifications of charging treasure?

  • mini power bank
  • wireless power bank
  • Portable Power Bank
  • fast charging power bank
  • Magnetic wireless power bank
  • laptop power bank
  • Large capacity power bank

At present, the mobile power supply mentioned above is widely used in the market.
However, the magnetic wireless power bank is only suitable for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series mobile phones that use magnetic wireless charging.

 05. How do we choose a suitable power bank?

Applicable crowd: college students, friends who are less dependent on mobile phones

Recommended power bank: 3000mAh Magnetic 3 in 1 Mini Portable Power Bank

Magnetic 3 in 1 Mini Portable Power BankMagnetic 3 in 1 Mini Portable Power Bank

Recommended power bank: 15W Fast Phone Charge 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

15W Fast Phone Charge 5000mAh Magnetic Wireless Power Bank

If you often go out and don’t like to carry bulky charging treasures,

I suggest you consider the following two types of charging treasures, which are small in size and very portable.

Applicable people: Do not like to carry the power bank that takes up the volume
Recommended power bank: 3300mAh Mini Lipstick Size Power Bank Portable

3300mAh Mini Lipstick Size Power Bank Portable

5000mAh Mini Portable Power Bank Capacity Upgrade


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