In Winter How to Choose Power Bank?

In Winter How to Choose Power Bank?

In the market, power bank are nothing more than aluminum alloy materials and plastic materials. Due to the characteristics of the winter climate, we first ruled out the power bank made of aluminum alloy because aluminum material power bank power lost faster than abs material and cold touch feeling.
The same capacity power bank in metal material its power lost faster 20% than abs material. In winter nobody will to take ice cake in hand. Warm and warmer power bank is better in hand.

The charging methods of power banks are becoming more and more divers, such as Magnetic Power Bank Portable Charger, Wireless Power Bank Portable Charger. More than  90% power bank in the market are discharged via charging cable. Magnetic charger and wireless charger are charged via wireless charger coil. And wireless charger require power bank working temperature between 20-26’c. If the ambient temperature of the power bank is lower than 20'c, the performance of wireless charging will be greatly reduced. So in winter room temperature less than 20’c, especial less then 10’c, wireless charger speed is lower much, even if 15W fast wireless charger. So wireless charger is a decorative useless feature in winter. In this winter, Europe clients can give up wireless charger function power bank.

In winter, you will find that the power of your mobile phone drops very quickly, especially outdoors. In this status, a external battery charger is very important for mobile user. Fast charger and wireless charger lost its function. Compared with the traditional power bank, plug and play design power bank is more energy-saving and practical than via cable charging power bank especial in winter. First plug and play design power bank without cable, save cable charging power lost; Second this portable charging power bank insert will charge your phone, meet your phone charging basic requirement. Third, free cable charging is more convenient for user of outdoors.



In winter Power banks that can save power and be portable to charge mobile phones have become the most popular mobile phone accessories.


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